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Henry Bateson
Reynolds & Bateson Ratchet Straps

"Liftable is our best strap supplier, so much so that since August 2016 they have become our only provider. They work with great quality materials and are always on schedule. We are very satisfied with them."

Dennis Smith
Gargoyle Brick

"Liftable is very good and very reliable. We are happy to work with them. So far they have caused us no problems at all. They are very good workers and manufacturers."

Jane Rowen
Manchester Safety Nets

"We can sleep at night knowing that our products are manufactured with the straps and hooks from Liftable. They are reliable and top quality. Our own products have improved greatly since we started working with them."

Making the best straps and fittings for the manufacturing industry


 With a solid history in the market with over 20 years of experience manufacturing straps, hooks, fittings and components for the cargo handling and logistics sector, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of safe and reliable components for a series of providers and manufacturers in our area.

We have one of the largest industrial campus in the sector, manufacturing all sorts of straps and other supplies every day. Our factories are an example of dedication and progress, with the latest technology in all our machines and productive levels. We use last generation software to monitor all steps of our processes, keep track of quality and errors, and solve all issues before they have an impact on our final product. Our staff is constantly training to learn the latest techniques in production and safety, so we can offer premium products with a cost-effective productive method that ensures good pricing and reliable quality.


Safety should be a top priority. With our components, you will always be safer.


Of course, quality is important in all products, no matter the type or the area where you will use them. However, when it comes to lifting implements, only best quality supplies should be used. Weak materials or poorly put together pieces will be very dangerous to workers using them. Straps could break and fittings could fall appart. They must support very heavy weight, and falling cargo is always very dangerous. It could hurt someone, and it could also break causing you or your clients a big money loss and delivery delays.

Lifting implements vendors and sellers should always offer the best pieces, and in order to manufacture them they need the best quality supplies to begin with. Straps that are strong and flexible, fittings that work perfectly, hooks that won't break or open, nets that will support the load and stay in place. Here at Liftable we offer exactly that.

Presenting world class straps and fittings suitable for all products in the cargo management sector.


By purchasing parts at Liftable, you are entering a new level of quality and reliability for your productive process. You can now offer excellent finished products with your brand attatched. The technology of Liftable will now be a part of your product, and our certified parts will give your own merchandise an extra seal of approval.

If you want to learn more about our products, or access our full catalogue of parts available, then contact us today! We provide our usual contact form and e-mail contact details, and also open our telephone lines for you to call in business hours or leave us a message requesting a callback. You can request our catalogue free of all compromise. We will send you the complete PDF with all models, specifications and prices. You will be surprised of how accessible our products are, and how wide our range is. 

Check our catalogue and find out why are the best providers of straps and fittings in the area.