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These are the experiences of our customers.

Henry Bateson
Reynolds & Bateson Ratchet Straps

"Liftable is our best strap supplier, so much so that since August 2016 they have become our only provider. They work with great quality materials and are always on schedule. We are very satisfied with them."

Dennis Smith
Gargoyle Brick

"Liftable is very good and very reliable. We are happy to work with them. So far they have caused us no problems at all. They are very good workers and manufacturers."

Jane Rowen
Manchester Safety Nets

"We can sleep at night knowing that our products are manufactured with the straps and hooks from Liftable. They are reliable and top quality. Our own products have improved greatly since we started working with them."

What cargo securement rules need to be considered with Ratchet Straps

The price of safety hazzards

Logistics and cargo handling companies must comply with quite al long list of safety regulations when doing their job. Transporting loads is potentially dangerous in a number of aspects and for a number of reasons. Even if there are some sorts of cargo that are more potentially harmful than others - in example, toxic waste requires more care than bunny slippers - in all cases certain basic safety regulations must be followed. Special cargo, however, will require extra care and safety measurements in order to prevent bad things from happening.

Accidents, crashes and lose cargo may cause important losses for the company's customers. if cargo is comprised by merchandise, there will be stock problems if the load is damaged or destroyed. In case it's supplies, the productive chain will be delayed. If it's sold products on their way to their buyers, there will be complains and reimbursments the seller won't want to deal with. It is the logistics company's responsibility to make sure cargo is properly secured and protected from all hazzards during the transportation process, and in order to achieve that it has a number of tools and materials at its disposition, including cargo restraints like ratchet straps and others of the like. Read More...